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  • "It's been 27 hours since we even saw the sun..."
  • "It falls to death so talk with me. This life, what if it's you and me? Don't know, oh no. Maybe that means we'll fall from grace. It'd be ok, I'd have your face with me. You'll see, you'll see, you'll see, you'll see..."
  • the crown.
  • sit down, be humble.
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  • Like to be on my new taglist :)
  • 'And if you say you're okay, I'm gonna heal you anyway, Promise I'll always be there, Promise I'll be {(The Cure)}
  • 'Where d'you wanna go? How much you wanna risk? I'm not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts...'

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  • Usually I'm humble Right now, I don't choose You can leave with me Or, you could have the blues Some call it arrogant I call it confident You decide when you find out what I'm working with
  • I thought that I was dreaming when you said you love me The start of nothing I had no chance to prepare I couldn't see you coming
  • You just want attention You don't want my heart
  • Be each other's paradise Need a picture for my frame Someone to share my reign Tell me what you wanna drink Tell you what I got in mind Oh I don't know your name But I feel like that's gonna change

  • Sicker than your average
  • Flirting Is The Effective Way That This Works
  • Man I'll do things to you.. Vanessa Del Rio be 'shamed to do
  • Is you wit me? How could you ever decieve me
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